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50 мг / мл, 2 мл петидина гідрахларыд для ін'екцый

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Агульная назва:Pethidine Hydrochlorid Injection                      

спецыфікацыя: 50mg/ml, 2ml/ampoule

Нумар ліцэнзіі:H42022074

Тэрапеўтычныя паказанні:

1This product is indicated for the relief of severe pain, such as wound pain, postoperative pain, narcotic premedication or adjuvants during local anesthesia and intravenous- inhalation combined anesthesia.
2To treat visceral pain, this product should be compatible with atropine. For labor pain, it should be monitored the respiratory depression of neonates.
3Before supplying anesthesia, it is often compatible with chlorpromazine and promethazine to compose an artificial hibernation composition.
4It can be used to treat cardiac asthma to eliminate pulmonarv edema.
5Chronic severe pain of terminal cancer patients should not be supplied this product for a long time.

55.2*44*24.5cm/carton  N/G.W: 2.2/10kg/carton

Умова захоўвання:
Store below 30℃
Protect from light and moisture
Keep out ofreach of children
To be dispensed on medical prescription

Тэрмін прыдатнасці: 48 месяцаў

Нагадваю: Не выкарыстоўвайце без кансультацыі з лекарам.